Our Team


Solintel has an extensive international network technology in Europe, China, India, Latin America and the U.S., through research groups and specialized technology companies. It has a national network of partners consisting of SMEs, and research groups in all regions.

Solintel has extensive experience in managing financial aid belonging to the European Cohesion Funds and national and international R + D + i.

Our Job


Solintel offers a range of products adapted to each client's profile. Individual packages that cover timely intervention in engineering consultancy specializing in design, calculation and / or management of construction and environmental projects. We also deal with the preparation, design and / or development of specific technology projects and R & D.

Our Experience


During the past 14 years, there has been a development of the technology necessary to optimize the design and implementation of existing structural reinforcements based on these new materials. There have been over a hundred successful applications work that ensures the adequacy of the system


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